Soundy Candy


  Soundy Candy is a strategic unrivalled product.
  This production system and the designs of the machine are made to meet the needs of all types of production capacity,
  This leads to simultaneous stimulation of ALL FIVE SENSES, which is a totally different and new experience for the consumers.
  Applications of Soundy Candy



Soundy Candy was awarded Gold Medal in 42nd the Geneva International Invention Fair.



This candy and the innovation may be applicable to:

The beverages in different temperatures: The popping effect is boosted when accompanied with hot drinks such as tea, coffee etc. Taken with ice cold nonalcoholic/alcoholic drinks or shots it leads to an instant implosion (the candy is decomposed into small fragments within 1-2 seconds) with one or several loud cracking sounds which can also be heard in crowded venues such as bars and clubs.

The throat pastilles, herbal candies or other pharmaceutical products: The product can be used in some medicines that are difficult for children to swallow (e.g. Paracetamol).

In the Vitamins and supplements: e.g. Vitamin C, A, E.

Wellness/Spa/Ambiance/Meditation: When added to bath water or to a glass of water, it produces sounds which help meditation.