Soundy Candy


  Soundy Candy is a strategic unrivalled product.
  This production system and the designs of the machine are made to meet the needs of all types of production capacity,
  This leads to simultaneous stimulation of ALL FIVE SENSES, which is a totally different and new experience for the consumers.
  Applications of Soundy Candy



Soundy Candy was awarded Gold Medal in 42nd the Geneva International Invention Fair.


What is SoundyCandy?

Meet the new generation of candies. A UNIQUE fusion of SHAPE and SOUND. One that will awaken all of your SENSES...

Don't just eat it.... See it, Smell it, Taste it, Feel and more important.... LISTEN to it.. Let it melt in your mouth and take you on a journey that will make the world around you move a little slower. Experience the WORLD’s FIRST shaped candy that actually pops in your mouth!

It comes in different colors, flavours and after years of research each and every single candy is produced with great care. Of course we provide this product without any addition of artificial substances. It is made without any additives containing nuts, eggs and also be noted, this product does not contain lard and can be enjoyed by vegetarians.