Soundy Candy


  Soundy Candy is a strategic unrivalled product.
  This production system and the designs of the machine are made to meet the needs of all types of production capacity,
  This leads to simultaneous stimulation of ALL FIVE SENSES, which is a totally different and new experience for the consumers.
  Applications of Soundy Candy



Soundy Candy was awarded Gold Medal in 42nd the Geneva International Invention Fair.



The confectionery industry, with an annual global market size of 46.8 billion dollars in average, is a field where the innovation is limited to the variations of shape, aroma, and packaging. The competition in the field is only in the range of prices and the influence of trademarks. It is also a field where the majority of the new innovations cannot be adapted to the industry. Despite the fact that this sector has a major need for new ideas, the inventions have been repetitious and insufficient.

Sometimes when the companies in the food sector introduce their products (e.g.: ice cream, waffles, cola, etc.) to the customers via advertisement, they use some sound symbols. This is done in order to refer to the fifth sense and remain in the minds of people permanently. Besides the meditative, relaxing, and soothing effects, Soundy Candy is a strategic unrivalled product on the market which appeals to five senses. It gives a brand new experience to the people of all age groups. Moreover, the manufacturing firm owns a unique place in the market and monopolizes the whole world with its patent.